Theatre of the Absurd

Theatre of the Absurd -

Congratulations to the Assholes in Congress

You’ve done it once again.

You’ve kicked the can down the road until the middle of fucking January. Nice. We get to go through this shit again. Hey, I guess it’s better than December 15th right? Fuckers.

It would be nice if the Democrats could actually do what they’re supposed to do and pass a fucking budget but then all they’re interested in are dams and giving money to rich fucking widows of congress members. To all those dumb mother fuckers talking about how the shutdown was the Republicans fault. Really? Really?!? The fucking Democrats don’t pass a fucking budget as their supposed to and all of this shit is the Republicans fault? The Democrats refuse to bend and it’s the Republicans fault? The Democrats demand surrender from the Republicans yet it’s the Republicans fault? The President refuses to bend or negotiate and it’s the Republicans fault? Anyone who believes that shit should be living under a bridge down by the river… or they soon will be when all of this shit blows up. No fucking pity for any of them when it happens. Only laughter. To the Republicans… who told you that surrendering is winning? Are you that fucking stupid? Is it necessary for you to be Democrats Lite? Do you have any testicles? Have they all been removed? YOU SUCK!


They should be replaced with people who have actually owned a fucking business, run a business, or been in charge of a fucking family budget, etc. NO GODDAMNED LAWYERS! Better yet they should have to have taken an actual fucking economics class.

I detest all of them R’s and D’s.

Doctor’s Office Visit From Hell

I have NEVER experienced anything like what my Husband went thru yesterday in my entire adult life of visiting Doctors. Holy fucking shit!

My Husband has Cerebral Palsy. He works and does everything he needs to do. It affects one of his eyes and he limps. Because of the eye involvement he’s unable to drive. He wants to be independent of others. He wants to be able to get around on his own. He is eligible for a transportation service for the handicapped. But he needs his Doctor to supply information to be submitted directly to the service to prove his eligibility for the program. He didn’t have a Doctor because he’s been pretty damned healthy and hasn’t needed one. He’s 53 years old. Previously he’d only been to the Doctor once when he needed, once again, proof of his CP and his inability to drive for his employer. The visit lasted maybe 15 minutes and there was no physical examination other than to ascertain that he does have CP. That was five years ago.

When he called to see if this particular Doctor was accepting new patients they said yes. When he asked for an appointment they didn’t ask WHY he needed an appointment. That should have set off alarm bells. I’ve always been asked WHY I needed an appointment. The only appointment they could make for him was for yesterday, unfortunately, our Son’s birthday. He wasn’t happy about it but wanted to get it over with. He accepted the appointment. Long story short we go over there yesterday…

We walk in and the place is packed. It is so full that people are standing in the hallway and outside. There is no one at the reception window. I notice that there aren’t any business cards for the Doctor available. (I usually grab one.. so I noticed.) My Husband notices there is no notice on the wall saying you can pay by credit card, cash, etc. You pay cash at this office. There was a sign that said they accepted Medicaid, Soonercare, and private insurance. Okay. I told my Husband the kid and I would wait in the car. His appointment was for 2:30. We got there around 2:15. We go out to the car. My Husband told me all of this after he came out.

He said the paperwork they wanted him to fill out was ridiculous. He said it was more than the usual 2 or 3. They required his address and phone number repeatedly in the paperwork. One of the things he was required to sign was saying he was not going to request Oxycontin. (ding, ding, ding) He didn’t finish filling out the paperwork until an HOUR later. Then, without asking WHY he’s there, they hand him a cup for a urine test. He’s like WTF. He asks them what it’s for. They ask him if he’s there for NARCOTICS. He’s totally floored. This man doesn’t like taking fucking Tylenol or allergy meds! He tells them no. Then they ask what medications he’s taking and he tells them none. They’re SHOCKED! He goes back to the waiting room at that point. He notices that damned near everyone there is waiting for their prescription (ding, ding, ding). One woman had been there since 10AM waiting for her prescription for Lortabs! He said people kept coming in but no one left. He had to come out and ask me what our co-pay was.. because they didn’t know. (That also struck me as odd. I’d never experienced that at another office. The office staff had usually taken our insurance before! I think at that point I’d realized we were at a Doctor’s office where they “specialized” in medicaid patients.)

We got there at 2:15. We didn’t leave until damned near 6PM! I was watching from outside. I saw people come outside and smoke and stand around outside. I didn’t see people start leaving until around 5pm. My husband told me people didn’t start getting their prescriptions until around that time. He said they were excited when they got them. (I will admit if it had been me and I’d been there all day I’d have probably been excited too… but the whole situation was ODD if you know what I mean. I’ve never gotten that excited to get a prescription for meds when I was sick!) He FINALLY was called in about 5:30. He wasn’t seeing the Doctor he was seeing a Physician’s Assistant. They gave him the run around and he was very unhappy. He came out at damned near 6PM and I could tell he was pissed. He told me what happened and I was angry as well. He said he wasn’t going to this office again. I agreed. The kid and I had been in the car the whole time. I told my Husband if I’d known we’d been there that damned long I’d have packed a fucking lunch!

He told me the people in the waiting room had brought food and drinks with them. My jaw damned near hit the ground I was so fucking shocked! I told him that the people in the waiting room had seemed sad. He agreed. We were both very upset at not only how HE had been treated but that the other patients seemed to accept that the situation was normal! I’m sure some would say it is normal for Medicaid patients. That’s horseshit.

If Medicaid is THAT FUCKED UP IT SHOULD BE DESTROYED AND REBUILT! It is not helping those people! OMG it makes me want to cry when I think about how they’re being abused by this wonderful government program!

I asked my Husband if he could imagine what it will be like with Obamacare…

Needless to say we’re looking for another Doctor.


Hubby called and arranged a visit to another Doctor. While speaking to the office staff he explained what went on at the one written about above. The staff-person said that it was definitely odd. I was pleased because they asked him WHY HE NEEDED TO COME IN! He also found out their wait time was 15 – 30 minutes.


From the Blaze:
CNN Host’s Obamacare Comments Are So Surprising That This Left-Leaning Website Calls Them ‘Startling’

Blitzer is right. They had YEARS to kill the bugs for the Obamacare roll-out. They were warned and didn’t listen. Not only did they not listen they tied the rollout to a time limit for the public to apply for it!

The public have no idea how easy it is to fuck this shit up. It can be simply putting a period in the wrong place that makes it hack up a hairball. Never mind some of the mistakes they made in the Obamacare code. They didn’t check to make sure they spelled “field” correctly? WTF? Dude. That’s bad.

The responsible thing to do is to delay it a year. Knowing how much code is involved it would probably take a year to clean it up! They should also streamline the sites as well.

Of course if they’d just allowed people to buy health insurance across state lines they’d only have needed ONE website but no… we couldn’t do that….


How many Obamabots really understand the technical terms involved in this discussion?

To make it simple.

You pay so much a month (monthly premiums). Under Obamacare for a small number this will be cheaper. For everyone else. You’re screwed. Some premiums will double, triple, or quadruple.

When you visit the Doc you pay so much per visit (copay). Under Obamacare this one depends on your plan. For some less and I’m pretty sure for others it will be more.

I don’t think some of them understand what deductible means. They don’t understand that THEY will pay out of pocket until the deductible is met. They seem to think they’re getting all of this great shit for free. If you’re healthy and don’t go to the Doctor often you’re out the premiums. But if you have health issues and go often.. YOU WILL BE PAYING THE DEDUCTIBLE OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET.

People think they’re getting “affordable healthcare”. Bullshit. It was affordable before. Now it’s more expensive AND you’re being forced to buy it! And if you really think you can get out of it for $95 each year you’re an idiot. The Government doesn’t play like that. It will get more and more expensive.

Explain to me how this is not a political decision

The Amber Alert system is down. But Let’s Move is up and working?

If the Republicans were responsible as the Democrats and their brain dead lackeys claim I can pretty much guarantee it would be the reverse. The decisions on who is furloughed and what is shut down are being made by the administration. Period.

The administration is making these decisions to inflict as much pain as possible on the American public. It’s the Washington Monument Syndrome:

The Washington Monument syndrome, also known as the Mount Rushmore Syndrome,[1] or the firemen first principle, is a political tactic used in the United States by government agencies when faced with budget cuts or a government shutdown[citation needed]. The tactic entails cutting the most visible or appreciated service provided by the government, from popular services such as national parks and libraries[1] to valued public employees such as teachers and firefighters. This is done to gain support for the restoration of budgets that lawmakers would normally be against.

Blast from the past

(Ignoring political shit goin on for now..)

Trying to recall what kind of station wagon my family had when I was about 10 – 12 years old. Wow. Found it online.

73/74 Chevy Impala Station Wagon

It had those odd wrap around windows in the back.. that’s the one thing I remembered about it. lol I remember going to my Grandmother’s house in Virginia on vacation and lying in the back reading Laura Ingalls Wilder Books. This was after fighting with my younger brother over who would be sitting back there. Probably not technically legal for us to ride in the back.

Yeah, kids, this was before vehicles with DVD players to keep kids occupied. Or MP3 players, cell phones, tablets, kindles, etc.

We had to entertain ourselves.

Sheesh… kids are spoiled now.

Panic in DC

Having seen the video of the episode yesterday I think the poor woman screwed up and turned the wrong way and the DC Gestapo went batshit. Imagine accidentally turning the wrong way and hitting something. All of a sudden men are surrounding your car with guns drawn. You’re a Mother. You have your child in the car and men are pointing guns at your child. You’re terrified and you panic. You don’t think clearly when you’re in a panic.

All she could see were guns. She was trying to get away to protect her child.

Now they’re saying she had PPD. Having ppd does not always mean you’re totally crackers. It can mean simply feeling depressed. It doesn’t always mean that you’re a murderous bitch. They’re using that as an excuse, IMO.

I HAD PPD after having my son. I cried at the drop of a hat and that was it. Nothing extreme.

She wasn’t from the area. Perhaps she was lost and fucked up. Everyone in DC is on edge and they overreacted. This didn’t happen at the White House. There was panic on both sides yesterday. That’s the God’s honest truth.

I’ve been to DC multiple times. It’s a nightmare to drive up there at good times. I’m sure there are more barricades up now which would make it only worse.

I won’t be driving the next time I go there. I’d be afraid of fucking up and getting murdered.

The Republicans in Congress

They will cave. Trust me on this. They always do. This is why.

They’re like the ugly weird girl in high school who wants to be accepted and loved by her peers. Nothing wrong with that but it never ends well. Oh the attractive kids will act like they accept her when she’s going along with the crowd. But behind her back they whisper and laugh because they’re using her desire to be accepted against her. In the end they’ll fuck her over in some hideous way.

If the Republicans had balls it would end like Carrie. It won’t. They’ll end up whimpering and sobbing and being the attractive kids bitches as usual. It. always. ends. that. way.

I’m allowed to be unhappy with how my Husband and other decent Fed workers are being treated. They’re pawns in this insane game of optics that the Administration is playing on the public stage. But in truth neither side gives a shit about them. Both sides despise them. Instead of pointing their fingers at those truly responsible for this fucking mess everyone points their fingers at the Fed workers. Yes, some are paid much more than their jobs are worth. That should stop. But having said that there are some workers who do needed work who aren’t paid what they should be paid. The whole system needs to be reviewed and changed.

IF it would actually CHANGE things it would be worth going thru this shit. It won’t. It’s all kabuki theater. Because in the end it will all be for nothing. I don’t see any hope in all of this. Same shit, different day, people. That’s all it is.